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How to Drive eCommerce Sales With Facebook Ads

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August 19, 2020

In today's eCommerce world, grabbing the attention of your audience is vital. Facebook Ads can fuel exponential growth for your business. How? By connecting to every point of the customer journey from discovery, connection, engagement, and purchase. With all the detailed audience targeting and budget options, you can formulate a clear advertising plan to drive more sales.

Why Facebook in the first place? The sheer size of 2.5 billion users worldwide for one, is a fact worth getting your attention. But before we go into the details, you need to understand the state of a fragmented online customer journey. A potential shopper will see an ad for a camera on their phone, browse for cameras in the evening and decide to buy it a few days later. Therefore, the purchasing path has become complicated. 

Facebook Ads give you control over monitoring a customer and their behavior, whether they are using their mobile phone or desktop computer. You can be able to show your ads even if they keep changing their device or move outside Facebook.

To fully appreciate how Facebook can propel your sales to greater heights. Let's revisit your sales funnel and see how Facebook delivers results through campaign options.

Awareness Campaign for Cold Customers

The main goal here is to reach people who don't know your website. Through Facebook's immense user-database, you can target your ideal customer and develop brand and product awareness campaigns. This is a more indirect approach to engage with customers without making a direct offer, a getting to know you stage to help move them down the funnel.

Traffic Campaign for Warm Customers

Now that they know your brand more, you can create ads to increase your website visitors. When they get to the site, they don't always purchase, right?  Here's where Facebook Pixel, which you install on your website, works its magic and tags each visitor who clicked your ad. It allows you to track and bring them back, to encourage them to decide to purchase with special discounts and promotions. 

Also, Facebook Pixel helps you acquire new customers by creating a lookalike audience. They are made based on data from your best customers, such as age, location, interests or actual buyers.

Conversion Campaign for Hot Customers

This one creates a bigger momentum for your sales. It can also be called a retargeting strategy to convert website visitors, page visitors, abandoned cart shoppers, and newsletter subscribers, you can get back to them and captivate them to finish their purchase.

Another powerful feature to drive sales is to use dynamic ads feature. In a nutshell,  Facebook will show your product catalog to your target customers at the right moment - whether they left your website or anywhere on the internet.  You only need to upload your product catalog once and the ad will continue to run until you stop it.  This ad can even go as far as finding the right people for a specific product using up-to-date pricing and availability. 

The name of the game for eCommerce now is marketing automation. The more you able to improve your customer journey touchpoints from discovery to purchase, and show your product and promotions to the right people, the more you will succeed at driving a consistent increase in your sales. With Facebook Ads advanced features and capabilities, you have a reliable and proven road map to follow. 

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